Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Kind Of Surrealism

I don't know specifically what it is about these drawings, (I'd hesitate to call them comics) that amuse me so, but they definitely resonate with my bent psyche.

Oh, and as for my being lax in posting lately, I worked last weekend and have been super-swamped at work, so I haven't had my regular ration of slacking off. Odds are my posts will be short items like this for a little while longer. I'll be working again next weekend, but then should be back in the saddle.



Blogger ThatGreenyFlower said...

That comic is oddly affecting, but I'm not quite sure how it is affecting me. I feel kind of like putting on a tie-dye or something.

I saw your blog post pop up on the Blogger homepage; must've been when you uptated. I nearly fell over laughing (I stand one-legged at the computer, so this doesn't imply fall-from-both-legs hilarity...but a good 50% of that!). The summer of your disco tent! Yeah, baby!

Anyway, funny. Thanks. And I've been contemplating stucco all day, interestingly enough. Here you are!

Cheers -Greeny

3:21 PM  

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