Tuesday, September 19, 2006

As I Often Say- "Don't Poke The Bear With A Stick"

As anyone who went to school with me can attest, I'm fond of cautioning people by saying "Don't poke the bear with the stick" and the advice sometimes falls upon deaf ears. I'm not exactly sure when or where I started with this phrase, but it hasn't changed in a really long time, and I may not even have been the originator. That's all as an aside though- a starting point, if you will.

I was thinking about the nature of the scientific method and how little we've progressed as a species. Under scrutiny, it occurs to me that the "Scientific Method" is NOT characterize>hypothesize>predict>test. It is in fact "poke shit with a stick and see what happens". This is what we did with fire, the atom, and with that recent multi-million dollar comet whacking deal, "Deep Impact". We found a celestial body and poked it with a specialized stick, but a stick none the less. So this is human scientific endeavor- poke things with sticks. You want to know the degree to which this primal instinct is still present? Find a stick and poke a turd with it so that the turd stays on the end (like a marshmallow over a campfire) and wave it at people. Macho men in riot gear will jump the hell back from poo on a stick. Those glow-in-the-dark yahoos in their containment suits at Chernobyl will run away from poo on a stick. Hell, I bet the TSA and Homeland Security folks don't even have a plan for when the bad guys try to take over a plane with poo on a stick.

This is why the space aliens aren't landing...

Oh, in other news, I had another phone interview. Keep those fingers crossed people!

Addendum: Do you know how funny it is to run a spell check and have it read "turd, turd, poo, yahoos, Chernobyl, poo, TSA, poo"? I never said my sense of humor was sophisticated...


Blogger Nancy Dancehall said...



That's why moms rule. Poo on a stick? Is that all ya got? I got poo-stories make your cracker head spin.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

Poo on you?

I got sent a photo of a bear eating 6000 volts

wanna ee it?

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost like poking Ian with a stick ...


9:24 AM  

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