Tuesday, July 01, 2008

So, How Was Your Day, Dear?

Sheejus Tapdancing Christ. It was... novel. As a micro-moment of transition- we're back from vacation and all is well. It cost about $800 to get the doggies outta hock, and my beloved little Canon SD1000 camera was befouled by sand, and is no more. I ordered a new one today. I'll have more pictures posted soon, but the camera died before the vacation was over, so...

Today was my first scheduled day back and it started at 1AM local time. Everything at work was down and I couldn't remote in. Uh oh. A quick shower and a courtesy drive downtown from Schmoop and I'm on the job at 1:30 or so. Turns out a fibre switch failed (really? yea- whodathunk it) and triggered a cascade of bad things and possible data corruption. We have east coast users that start to hit out systems at 6AM EST (3AM PST) and that was my deadline.

I'll spare you the geekiness of it, and just say that I came in about 10 minutes under my deadline. Whew. I was there in the office until about 10:30AM when I shuffled off to catch the bus for home. I got a lot done when no one was around- all kinds of updates and upgrades that needed to be done, and I added an environmental sensor to the server room at the office- another thing to wake me up in the wee small hours, really.

So, looking like 40 miles of bad road, I collapsed on the bus and went about a block and a half and then the bus turned off the engine and camped there. Some people got off and walked. The streets were closed off on account of this lunacy. I figured I was in no condition to walk, so I got comfy and began to wonder if anyone would wake me when we got moving again.

45 minutes later, we're back underway and when I got to my bus stop, there was a chipper mob of second graders (guessing) in what looked to be a summer camp field trip. Envision 50 little people in bright green t-shirts milling about in excited confusion and not allowing a space for me to get off the bus or navigate the sidewalk. More delays. The smiled and laughed at my mustache (which is the point of the thing, really) and I finally shuffled home to my little beasties, who were being couch potatoes. They said "You're home early". *sigh*

So I got into bed about noon and slept to about 6PM. What do you want to bet, I won't be sleeping tonight? Bah.



Blogger General Catz said...

At least you were able to continue by bus.

Are you saying you got home from vacation THEN had to go into the office? That's just criminal.

Welcome home.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Gordo said...

Another unsung hero of the IT wars. Welcome, brother.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Hammer said...

Sounds like a little bit of hell.

No wonder everyone says they need a vacation to recover from their vacation.

9:57 AM  
Blogger meno said...

I am in good company then, in pointing and laughing at your mustache!

11:00 AM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

"A high-speed chase of a suspected bank robber ended late this morning in downtown Seattle, and officers shot a suspected robber in the neck...."

Ssigh. Another traffic jamm created by robber neck...

3:32 PM  
Blogger Cheesy said...

Gawd sometimes living in the sticks does have its perks.. I am having a moment of silence for the cam... a tear is forming....

9:04 PM  

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