Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do You Know Me?

Most people think I'm a Liberal, but I:

* Didn't vote on the telcom immunity bill or support its fillibuster (forgives telco's for illegally wiretapping)
* Didn't vote on the Energy Act of 2007 (requiring better fuel economy and more renewable fuels)
* Didn't vote on the Bankruptcy Reform Bill (that makes it nearly impossible to get out of debt)
* Didn't vote on Bridge Repair Funding (what more needs to happen here?)
* Voted for the PATRIOT ACT (a tirade all by itself)
* Voted for the No Child Left Behind Act (and now claims to be against it)
* Voted for the Homeland Security Act (insert color-coded punch line here)
* Voted for Real ID (hey- civil rights, who needs them?)
* Voted against Lobbyist Transparency (what's it to you, nosey rosey?)
* Repeatedly voted to authorize and support these idiotic and harmful military actions.
* Belong to the Democratic Leadership Conference (look into it if you don't know)
* Belong to the Council on Foreign Relations (insert your own theories)
* Have a looming fundraising scandal, and my finance director was convicted.
* Have some secret understanding with Rupert Murdoch
* Was on the Wal*Mart Board of Directors (while they were earning a class action suit regarding gender discrimination)
* May be using electronic voter fraud (4.5% "bump" in NH towns using Diebold systems, versus paper ballots)
* Wrote that awful 'It Takes A Village' book
* Am inexplicably still married to the guy who signed NAFTA and the DCMA into law...

Really, I'm just power hungry and will say anything in order to achieve my ends. I'm also thankful that as a nation, we can't remember anything, and don't notice much in the first place. That makes it easy for me to play the emotional card, and shed some crocodile tears at strategic times in order to appeal to your emotions rather than your reason. See you in November... dumbasses.

[sources: Vote-Smart, ACLU]

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Blogger Hammer said...

So when are her and Cheney going to start dating ;)

2:36 PM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

You really need to join the "fuck 'em all" party and stop trying to pretend that libraries are important.


6:05 PM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

Momma says THANKS!

4:02 PM  

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