Sunday, August 05, 2007

Updates, But Not Here

I've added a new page to the "family pictures page" and the newest installment is here . I had a great night Saturday night catching up with an old Colorado buddy who (for a few more days) lives in Seattle. He's got a fancy new job in Colorado Springs, so he'll be heading back that way. Sucks complete ass, as he was the only friend in the area, but I'm happy for him, and the new gig sounds beyond cool.

So today I slept way in and got up and played some catch with Z. in the front yard as the Blue Angels flew by in various formations from time to time (the were performing over Lake Washington, which isn't exactly in the neighborhood, but then, those things don't appear to turn on a dime).

After the show, we piled in the truck with Daisy the dog, and went to Vashon Island (one of our fave's) and farted about at Robinson Point. Both ways we were accompanied by about 80 Moped riders apparently from "Seattle Mopeds"- a mini biker gang. Noise and smoke loom large in their legend. The Mopeds were pretty old looking, but two riders that I saw were dressed in shiny lemay (lamé?) fabric like superheroes.



Blogger General Catz said...

I wish i lived near the sea.

Bummer about your friend, tho.

8:31 AM  
Blogger That Guy said...

I remember a joke about mopeds and plump girls, but then I remember I like my women with meat on their bones so its not funny any more... that and I still liked my moped when I had one. This is going no where. anywho...

I hear Colorado is all the rage here for techs, damn near 5 new offers for employment for me and I don't recall looking. One tracked me down through my old office if you can figure that one out. Sadly I still make more than they want to pay, but hey.

My company still has about 6 open spots for helpdesk that they ca't fill. I just hope the market stays low and doesn't pop like it did in 2001.

8:55 AM  

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