Thursday, January 08, 2009

Are We Not A First World Nation?

To all of you who were duped into thinking that Obama was somehow a "change" agent, I'm very sorry you were mislead and hope that you don't lose your idealism. This guy has begun to show us his real nature and it's not looking good:

* He got involved after all in the fiasco with his Senate replacement.
* To preside over his inauguration, he chose a homosexualmisist priest (the suffix -misia is from the Greek word "to hate", in lieu of the less applicable -phobia for "fear of". Incidentally, "homophobe" is also not the right word, as "homo" only means "same". If it really is fear of gay people, the word is "homosexualphobe", which admittedly doesn't roll off the tongue)
* He wants CNN's Sanjay fucking Gupta as Surgeon General. Fuck me sideways with a stick! Not that fucking guy. This is the same biopharma shill that Michael Moore dealt with (and made look really fucking stupid AND compromised on national television), and since when do we need to turn to television talking heads for appointments? That's the kind of dumb ass thing I'd expect from the current idiot-in-chief (Tony Snow was spokesperson for the White House, you see). You want change Obama? Bring back Jocelyn Elders. She was the last Surgeon General worth a fuck. She suggested masturbation was natural and not unhealthy and Bill "come here and let me pork your intern cooter with my Partega, while I spooge on your schoolmarm dress" Clinton fired her for it.

Now today I hear that D.C. Inauguration officials want attendees to bring their own toilet paper to the event? Why? Don't they have enough copies of the Constitution for people to wipe with? When did we become so third world?



Blogger Jill said...

Oh please let me have my idealistic fantasies for just a little while. I know they won't last, but I REALLY need them right now. :)

P.S. My "word verification" for this comment is "nonoch." Seems like that ought to be a word, if it isn't already.

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