Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Conserva Nostra

Meet the multi-indicted Dishonorable Republican Senior Senator from Alaska, Ted "the Internet is not like a truck- it's a bunch of TUBES!" Stevens.

This doddering old coot leads the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. He can't actually explain the Internet. Anyone spot a problem with that? Thankfully, now that he's been indicted, he'll have to step down from his committee leadership by role, but the harm is largely done. He's also the one that refused to send so much as a penny of the money he stole for his "bridge to nowhere" project to help hurricane victims in Louisiana. Teamwork- he's heard of it.

So, now the question is this: are the people of Alaska ready to wake up and vote for some non-Republican?

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Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

There is a great movement afoot in Alaska to take back the Republican party from the scoundrels that ran it.

In a two party system such as we have, there is no use in splitting opinion only two ways-- Good guys and them guys.

What is interesting about the bridge to nowhere debacle is how the focus of the lament has always been on the "waste of taxpayers money" and not on the system that induces this.

Alaska residents are taxed and the money goes to Washington DC, whereby representatives of Alaska are sent to try and get something for it. Getting something monumental means re-elction, so the reps all try to get something big.

The result is a system where "getting something big" trumps local necessities and this occurs in all 50 states.

What if Alaskans put most of their money in an ALaskan pot and left it out of the federal money hole?

Do you think wiser allocations would result?

Do you think we'd be marching off to wars in far off lands?

If you SAW with your own eyes where your money goes, you would be far more likely to make sure it was spent wisely...

Yep. I am still trying to invert the power structure in America so that local economies have control over local funds...

(Mostly because work is so slow 'round these parts due to the bursting of the housing bubble...)

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