Friday, April 04, 2008

World Autism Day (Belated Post)

I've read and seen more than a few people in the last month vehemently denying that there is a connection between vaccinations and Autism (and Apsbergers Syndrome). I like to think of myself as being willing to face truth, no matter how painful or no matter the ego-hit that it causes as a result of my previously held beliefs. Those who have known me for a long time know I'm capable of changing my mind (eg. Capital Punishment), but I need information. I'm an info junkie, and when you tell me something, I'll acknowledge you but won't necessarily accept your views without vetting. In the last month I saw a post on Reddit that begat a wicked shitstorm of debate in the comments about the science of theorizing a connection between Autism and Thymerisol.

I became aware of the idea of a connection years ago because I read all sorts of weird shit. I saw the data and the sources (including some released-but-damned-hard-to-find reports from the FDA and CDC). I believe the connection is true, and is known to be true by some wealthy medical industry concerns- and is being ignored and/or discredited. I believe the Mercury derived Thymerisol preservative causes Autism in some people who are predisposed or more vulnerable than the average. More often than not, these are also very smart people (or their offspring). I wouldn't be shocked if there was a deliberate effort to handicap the brightest among us, but am not set in that view enough to go on a crusade.

So what of Jenny McCarthy up there? Apart from being a complete betty and really funny too, she's a mother of an Autistic boy, and she tells a common tale. In almost every case, Autistic children are normal by all measures until around two years old, when the litany of vaccinations start. She's ballsy enough to say what has not yet been accepted, but could well be factual- that we (culturally) are poisoning our children. Good on her.

As for the folks that actively disagree with me on this, let me tell you a similar tale. Once upon a time, someone thought smoking tobacco might cause cancer. The tobacco companies had the idea pretty early on too, and they themselves commissioned studies and found that it appeared to be so. Then they hid this information for years and years while their customers died, and if someone dared suggest that they were causing cancer, that person was paid off, threatened, or killed. Then at one point someone with balls enough to withstand their threats and extortion, proved the fraud in court. The truth came out, and is now accepted as common knowledge. Yes, I've perhaps over-distilled the story, but you get the idea. What distinguishing differences are there between the tobacco companies of 20-30 years ago, and the big pharma outfits of today? What wouldn't they do to protect themselves. Ask Dr. Peter Rost. He'll tell you.

Rave on, Jenny McCarthy, and if you could take your clothes off while you do, that'd be better still. Sha-wing!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that injecting a mercury-based preservative into the bloodstreams of young children really needs to slam their head in the door.

I found out about the link just in time to make life difficult for my doctor. We went into an appointment for one of my eldest's vaccinations and I told her nothing was going into him unless I was certain thymerisol was not included. Kid's vaccines were beginning to come out in single-dose vials, so a preservative wasn't needed in those. Just had a check a couple and they were fine. She rolled her eyes, but cooperated when we saw that I wasn't budging.

1:21 PM  
Blogger meno said...

Yes, but think of the lawsuits and the massive amounts of money that the drug companies would have to pay.

That's what they are thinking of, you can be sure.

4:08 PM  
Blogger nic said...

I was with you up until the part about Jenny McCarthy. I think she's a ho, but that's the difference between girls and boys. However, I do agree with her raves. And I like how she found a way to help her child. Good for her! But do we all have enough money to do that?

Not thinkin so.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Daisy said...

And did you see the bit in the NYTimes today about how Merck helped the docs out and wrote the resesarch findings for Vioxx? (This came out in the court proceedings.... ahem.)

8:25 PM  

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