Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Racist Testing

"Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for African American compared to European American."

That result statement is a link to a Harvard test about racial inclinations. I happen to think the methodology is crap, but whatever - I'm wired oddly about race. I probably do lean away from "whitey", but not so much that I have self-loathing or anything. I grew up among all black people (we were poor- go figure) and I was actually bussed to the white kids school. Me and one other white kid named Randy in a bus with 30 or 40 black kids. There were some Vietnamese kids in town, but they lived somewhere else. There were NO hispanic or latino people anywhere. I never met any until I moved to Denver.

Once we moved out of the "hood" (I'm exaggerating, but not much), I ended up going to school and work in downtown St. Louis. Once again, I was surrounded by black folks. Apart from walking into a gunfight one night, it was safe, comfortable, and normal. More to my point, it was real. I don't mean like "I'm keeping it real" or any of the other cliche bullshit- I mean I saw cops when they showed their true colors. I saw countless cabs NOT stopping to pick up my friends. I saw bona fide racist people harass and attack my friends, co-workers, fellow students, and passersby. I saw the way this country works.

That being said, I think it's important to make and keep friends of all sorts, and give them undue influence on your world view, or else you may notice the way we continue to shaft New Orleans, or institutionalize discrimination, and your soul might die.



Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

Pops never let a bigotted remark go by without a fight.

I'm a bit like him.

Some people think I am an asshole for it.

I bet you don't.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Lexcen said...

Stucco, I never imagined you were black. Never mind, I'll still treat you the same as before.

1:53 AM  
Blogger General Catz said...

I never could understand what the deal was with treating people differently. I never even noticed a problem till well into my teens. Just didn't seem like it should be an issue.

But i have seen black and white alike play the race card, which sickens me.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

7:39 PM  
Blogger slaghammer said...

Regarding all forms of racism, not just black versus white, I used to think racism was a completely learned behavior. I used the natural inclination to cultural inclusion in children as evidence of it.
I have less confidence in humanity these days. Now I think racism is just one component of a predatory mindset. I believe most humans indulge their naturally occurring predatory tendencies to some degree almost every day. That might explain why racism rears its ugly head in situations where there is no logical reason for it.
I might be completely full of shit on this subject, but I believe if everybody on the planet were magically transformed into (raw) bacon colored people with no hair, no genitals, they all wore the same clothes, worked at the same job, ate the same food, drove the same car, etc., it would take maybe a few months for people start killing each other over irreconcilable differences.
The bottom line is, if you take a dog’s bone away from him, you better give him something else to chew on or you’ll come home to a fucked-up mess at the end of the day. People have to have something to hate. Take away all the obvious reasons and they’ll start hating people with mustaches.

8:05 PM  
Blogger General Catz said...

Slag has hit the nail on the head. We will always find something to hate. Even if we one day do accept each other, we'll find something else. Like aliens or the weather or ....

8:13 AM  
Blogger Stucco said...

Scott- some of us pick our battles, whereas you choose them all. Keep on tilting at windmills, my man. Cheers!

Lex- I never knew either. I've been living more than a few lies it seems.

Catzy- indeed, ugly behavior is an equal opportunity ailment.

Slag- just because you're probably right, doesn't mean I want to agree with you :) If only there were a way to enlighten people, you know, like by battering them with a big stick or something.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

I don't pick 'em. They pick me...

I've seen the changes in my Pops' generation due to people like Pops.

I believe in what he said- Never let a bigotted remark pass before you without shooting it down...

Windmills? Is that some racial jokes against the Dutch?

12:37 AM  

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