Thursday, May 28, 2009


In case you can't quite read that, it says "Firefox: most popular search engine after Microsoft and Apple". In case it needs saying, Firefox is not a search engine, Microsoft just renamed their search engine "Bing" (seriously), and Apple doesn't have a search engine. If it was meant to be a quote, than they need to buy a subject- that is to say [what] is the most popular search engine after Microsoft and Apple (notwithstanding the matter of Apple not having one). Not that I expect anything accurate from Fox- remember, this is the outfit that went all the way to the Supreme Court to affirm their "right" to lie.

Related: Conservatism and cognitive ability are negatively correlated. Let me try that in smaller word for any Republican passers by: Tha more right wing y'all are, tha more it means you has the dumb. The baby Jesus told some sigh-uhn-teests.


Blogger meno said...

Shit, i thought Twitter was the most popular web browser, after Facebook and MySpace.

Silly FOX.

3:20 PM  

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