Monday, March 16, 2009

Dumb Pitiful Victims, and the Christian Bankers Who Love/Hate Them, On The Next Disco-Tent (check your local listings)

You know what is the key difference between this financial crevasse and the FIRST Republican-delivered Depression? It's us. In the '30's people gave a shit about each other- even strangers, and being down and out was awful but it didn't equate to being an awful person.

Fast forward 80 or so years, and we've taken the "me" to the extreme. Someone got evicted? Fuck 'em! Not my problem. They probably brought it on themselves, anyway. Zero compassion. This change is brought to you almost exclusively by the Rush Limbaugh followers of the world, and the Ayn Randian Objectivists. That so many of these people would call themselves Christian would give me a hernia from laughing, were the circumstances not so dire. Fucking pretentious money-worshipping, self-centered, arrogant, unimaginative idiots that look down on ME for not being so mentally disabled as to believe in any Gods.

Being without any faith, I am not obliged under any theocratic or philosophical code to do anything for anybody, and I largely have contempt for my fellow man, and EVEN STILL I seem to be more compassionate than the masses. Have a look at this, and then I'll make the next point:

Nice to see MSNBC right there willing to broadcast the upset people for profit, by the way. You know- because there is no way this story could've been told WITHOUT demeaning people, right?

But that wasn't my second point. Still on the subject of how WE have changed, when you see this video the other point I'm intending to make becomes clearer. We are weaker of spirit than in the '30's. Yes, losing your place and being homeless is awful. It's sad, and I wish it weren't happening, but crying about it doesn't help. At minimum, don't let yourself be filmed by the goddamned TV news people crying about your lot in life- keep private things private and maintain your fucking dignity.

Here's another radical thought- not everyone SHOULD be able to own a house. Yeah, I said it. If you are making something in spitting distance of minimum wage, you have no business buying a house. In fact, I'll take that one step further- maybe you shouldn't own a car. You should have what you can afford. End of story. I ride the bus to work everyday and it's fine. Come along with me and learn to save your damned money. Get a bike. Something-anything, but stay within your means.

The world is a big and competitive place, and if you are going to compete you need to not be lazy about yourself as a commodity. No matter who is in the Oval Office, shitty "fuck the little guy" laws like NAFTA and CAFTA will come along and pit you (or more abstractly- the value of your work/labor units) against the world market. If you are grown and are working some menial job that pays for shit, you should not expect things like big screen TV's and SUV's. If you want those things, learn how to make or do something that people want which nets you more than minimum wage.

And to the people who bought houses thinking that the value could never drop- what're you? Fucking nuts? Have you NEVER read a history book? Pickled Jesus on ice, what made you think that? I nearly had a thrombo back in Colorado where I paid $165,000 for a house and thought I was getting the shaft, but I didn't get any second mortgage, HELOC, or other crafty bullshit that the financiers dreamed up in an opium den, and was thankfully able to sell at a breakeven even after the values went down. The people out here in Seattle are WAY into crack apparently, because the average house out here is STILL $380,000. Guess what? I'm not buying. No way in hell the materials and labor costs of a house are that high. Fuck that noise. I'll rent forever, because I don't believe I'm OWED the financial bullshit that could get me to own a home.

If you are one of the "victims" of the housing crisis, I'm very sorry. Get an apartment and get back together. Be assured that everyone makes mistakes and all this shit will pass. I won't give you pity, and I likely won't give you a hand out. You may not be ready for what I am prepared to do. I will treat you as an adult.


Blogger meno said...

Not a thing for me to argue with here, not a thing.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

Even the lady who took out the second mortgage thought she was getting something for almost nothing...

She took out lots of cash and then gave it to her daughter for four years of college...

A school teacher who could not read the contract she signed?


9:42 AM  

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