Saturday, June 23, 2007

Almost ... Baseball

Well, I mean it was really Baseball Thursday night. We went to see the Mariners play the Pirates, and I more or less went under duress. I gave up on Baseball in 1995, and haven't opened my heart to the filthy bastards since. I went because tickets were proffered via a local school as a fundraiser, and the wee beasties wanted to go. Once there I noticed that almost no one was there (disclosure: I grew up in the St. Louis area, where the Cardinals loom larger than fresh air or clean water), and that the stadium (1st base side) has a lovely view of downtown. See?

Well, so no one really paid any attention to the game, and that was good, because dear lord it was boring. A. has a friend from school named D. and her dad brought her to the game. I'd met him before and he's an honest-to-God hippy. It's really fun to talk with him- not just because he drives a VW Vanagon (*insert sound of me weeping for my old Vanagon*), but because he INTERESTING. His name is T. and he works for a local competitor to Walgreens, and was telling stories about some of the more "unusual" things that he'd witnessed in the downtown stores. It began when I commented about the incredibly small flip phone he was using (imagine a bit-sized Halloween candy). He said this was a response to his last phone, which was also a flip phone (of conventional dimensions) that had the top part ripped off while he was calling 911. Huh? Yeah- the person about whom he'd been calling the murderous-bastard cops grabbed the top part of the phone and ran off with it. He told other tales of urban lunacy, but my favorite one was the inexplicable case of a man and woman who entered the store and went down an aisle with laundry supplies. The man licked his finger and ran it along the top of a box of Tide powder detergent and gathered up loose particles of soap, and then stuck his finger in to the mouth of the woman. T. was of course more than a little surprised and called out to others nearby to watch this couple, and damned if they didn't do it again.

Made me feel pretty mainstream, I have to confess. Sometimes my thoughts alarm me a little, but I can in clear conscience tell you that I have never thought about shoving a finger covered with anything non-edible into anyone else's orifices. Well, in public, anyway...

So other school folks were there and one of them was the sister of the fellow who wrote Grosse Point Blank. I happened to love that move. It was interesting to hear her take on that industry, as I'm thinking about making the time to write down/flesh out a story/screenplay for a move from an idea I had a few years ago. I really don't know if I want to commit that amount of time to create it only to them have to fight such an uphill battle to get it in the hands of movie makers. You know, but if Paris Hilton wrote a "Hot" script about something or another, THAT would get too much attention. To revise Warhol- In the future, all the wrong people will be famous.

So, in the end there were 9 innings played an the Mariners won 3-0 and no one seemed to care. National Past Time my ass.


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