Friday, October 16, 2009

More Evidence That Microsoft STILL Doesn't "Get it"

Exhibit A: From a company that wants to (re)define the future, this joint looks like a Wal*Mart. Cramped, shitty visibility, "lanes" to steer the cattle, er, customers from place to place... Formerly they were so good at copying the successful ideas of others (an I don't just mean Apple). This scene does not "wow" me, nor is it likely to "wow" anyone else. Hell, I've been in more impressive Best Buys, and they are shitty too.

Exhibit B: I like a girl with long hair and a good bootay, but what the fuck is up with that shopping cart? And soviet grey to boot? Holy shit, they've lost the script. I look forward to having an argument at the Microsoft store about the dent in my car door from a runaway fucking shopping cart that escaped the "corral". No- no, I take it all back. Pushing a cold war looking shopping cart through the maze they have there with one cart wheel wildly shaking back an forth is as poetic a tribute to this mediocrity as I can imagine.

Isn't anyone excited about technology anymore?

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