Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lessons Not Learned

The Scots have released the man convicted of the Pan-Am/Lockerbie bombing drawing criticism from the White House, and countless other so-called "Christians" who wouldn't recognize compassion or forgiveness if their lives depended on it.

The person in question is dying of prostate cancer, and will suffer more as a result of this than any any other penal program excepting those used at Gitmo. It's refreshing to see that there are other cultures on this little rock that "get it" and I find it fascinating that they tend to be the least religious groups around.

Whereas here, in the "God blessed" "land of the free", we find this sort of thing (from the linked article above):
Kara Weipz, of Mt Laurel, New Jersey, who lost her 20-year-old brother Richard Monetti, said: "I don't understand how the Scots can show compassion. It is an utter insult and utterly disgusting.

Compassion is an insult and utterly disgusting. I don't think that's in the King James version, but I'm no seminarian.