Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Must New (Rock) Music Suck?

I remember when rock was cool. I remember sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. I remember novelty- you could have Led Zeppelin, Devo, or U2 (back when Brian Eno made them sound good). Hell, even Rap looked like it had serious potential then. I'll go so far as to say Public Enemy was as meaningful and as passionate as Bob Dylan. Seriously. Whatever your tastes, there was something interesting. There was a lot of pop shlock too- lest we forget The Go-Go's or Huey Fucking Lewis. Tom Petty came along and at first I thought he was some ersatz Neal Young- Half the "twang" and twice the mumble, and he made a fucking career out of power chords. In hindsight, I think this was the end of interesting music.

There are many reasons I think why music sucks anymore, and not all of it has to do with the artists. There is a real serious dearth of engineers, or they are being controlled by the 'tards in charge of the labels. There is some fucked up stunt that is being performed on music to make it sound... wrong. Unnatural. Something... Bad.

They are fucking with the EQ levels to make the music have more of a constant noise and increase the volume overall. It's measurable- look:

AC/DC's Back In Black. Few would argue this is NOT a pumping Rock song with ample beat/emphasis. (click to embiggen)

Now, observe The Ordinary Boys "Boys Will Be Boys", a good song murdered by modern music treatment.

Note the difference? The AC/DC is four minutes and change, and the Ordinary Boys is under three, but the scaling is about a match. You can see how they are fucking it all up. The Ordinary Boys song is not a natural sound pattern, and this shit is endemic, and it pisses me off.

On top of all this, I can't find any Rock that makes me tap my toes. Pandora and the iTunes "Genius" are not helping. Whatever happened to serious fucking Rock & Roll? Even the cited Ordinary Boys sound wussified and emo to my ear. I need songs about fucking, with a tempo that makes me want to commit a crime. Remember? Like Rock used to be?

Maybe Rock was never that good- maybe it was all the sex and drugs. I can't remember.

Jury Is In - Bill Gates Is An Asshat

Only this guy could give away BILLIONS and still be a shithead. I'd withheld judgement of this guy for a long time, and while I am not one way or the other about Windows (in all it's permutations), I think poorly of Microsoft. I wasn't willing to throw Bill under the bus, so to speak, until I got wind of this:

Dear Bill,

That's great that none of the mosquitos that you released had malaria, but guess what? Some of us are allergic to them ALL.

You shithead.

Go eat some money until you choke.


The allergic.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For All Of You Who Thought The Liberator Was Special...

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