Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm Under Duress (Which Isn't As Much Fun As Being Under A Dress)

So I grew weary of being anonymous and had to setup a blog (and I really hate that word) just in order to have an identity. Normally, I only have vulgar and disturbing things to tell people, but this is best done in person. Perhaps I should hire myself out to people who are in dire need of shock treatment, or a break from their complacency.

And, oh yeah. We got one of these:

What is it about this image that makes women ovulate? For the record, she barks and it's like lightning to the scrotum...


Anonymous O said...

Heyya SOF - Maybe you should also list your interest as "seige engines" too. Maybe start some kinda club. Seeing as your apparently the only person on blogger interested in "seige machines".
But, then, knowing you, you wouldn't participate in the club....

9:04 PM  

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